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Calamity is man’s true touch-stone.
— Unknown

Ancient texts claim Ophiuchus was an elven oracle who could discern the future by examining snakeskins. One day, the god of calamity made a snake attack the oracle for interfering with his work.

For three days and nights, Ophiuchus fought the vicious beast but was eventually bitten. Both the beast and the oracle died that day. The Hundred were so enthralled by the fighting of Ophiuchus, they immortalized the battle in the summer sky for their entertainment.

Children of Ophiuchus are naturally prescient and gifted with unnatural luck. They are born with a starsign birthmark on the underside of their left palm. Whenever the work of Serpentarius is near, their birthmark glows.

Creating a Child of Ophiuchus

Template: Child of Ophiuchus

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