Template: Child of Virgo

Calm and serene she drives the furious blast;
And, pleas’d th’ Almighty’s orders to perform,
Rides in the whirlwind, and directs the storm.
— An ancient poem

Children of Virgo are often known to be defenders of the world and closely resemble humans even if they are from another race. They are regal and more beautiful than their other counterparts.

Children of Virgo most often are born female. They are born with a “crown”, a lustrous glow around their face and head that will persist into adulthood. As the child begins to awaken to their powers, a slightly visible starsign representing Virgo can be seen on their forehead.

Creating A Child of Virgo

“Child of Virgo” is an inherited template that can be added to any corporeal aberration, dragon, giant, humanoid, magical beast, or monstrous humanoid of the good or neutral alignment (referred to hereafter as the base creature).

A child of Virgo uses all the base creature’s statistics and abilities except as noted here. Do not recalculate the creature’s Hit Dice, base attack bonus, saves, or skill points if its type changes.

Size and Type: Size and type are unchanged.

Special Attacks: A child of Virgo retains all the special attacks of the base creature and also gains the following attack.

Sanctity (Su): Each of a child of Virgo creature’s melee attacks with a natural or manufactured weapon deals 1d6 points of extra damage to a creature of evil alignment. All of its natural and manufactured weapons are treated as magic and good-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Special Qualities: A startouched creature retains all the base creature’s special qualities and gains those described here.

Cure Light Wounds (Sp): A child of Virgo creature can use cure light wounds, as the spell (caster level equals the startouched creature’s HD) a number of times per day equal to 1 + Wis modifier or 1 + Cha modifier (whichever is higher).

Corona (Su): Three times per day, a child of Virgo can shroud herself in light. This functions as the spell light (caster level equals the startouched creature’s HD). All evil-aligned creatures that can see the child of Virgo must make a Will Save (DC 10 + ½ startouched’s HD + Cha modifier) or become shaken for 1d3 minutes. On a successful save, a creature is immune to her corona for 24 hours.

Abilities: Children of Virgo are exceptionally beautiful and wise, but also born frail. Increase from the base creature as follows: Constitution -2, Wisdom +2, Charisma +2. A child of Virgo always emits light equal to candlelight.

Template: Child of Virgo

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